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Looking forward to news of new 2012 Mustang order

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Have never owned a Mustang before or a muscle car but I am looking forward to hearing news of a delivery date on the 5.0 race red that I order on June 2, 2012. How long is it taking to build them? What's funny is I live about 3 miles from the Factory in Flat Rock, MI. Too bad I can't just pick it up when it is built.:)
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Welcome to AFM and congrats on the order! I'm not too sure what the wait is on the new Stangs... when we ordered our 06Gt back in 06 it took a couple of months. You might browse our late model sections and see what the guys and gals there are up to.
Welcome and congrats on the new order. You'll be happy when you get it. It's the waiting that takes forever.
Welcome to the forums.
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