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IMHO for any modern or vintage vehicle......

1.Take it to a frame shop to have it inspected for damage and proper repair... especially for unibody rust and signs of suspension damage is a must!!!!!!!

Just as an fyi, here is a general list of what I call "Values" for a car in need....

Paint $3k+ bodywork
Upholstery $1k+
Glass $ 800
Chrome, trim & misc $1000
Engine/cooling system/Etc $ 3500
Trans $1000
Driveshaft/u-joints/yoke $ 300
Differential $1k
Front suspension $1k
Rear suspension $ 500
Brake system $1000
Exhaust (including headers/manifolds) $1200
HVAC $1500

That also does not take into consideration other labor, sheet metal replacement, etc.; Typically if you have the car over to a shop and say re-do this....most are spending around $30k.


1966 Mustang coupe 289 2bbl
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What problems should I be looking for when inspecting possible purchase vehicle. Looking for a V-8, 4 speed.
[I have a 1966 Mustang coupe, 289.] Crucial you check for rust! Get an inspector if you can't personally see the vehicle before you buy it. Specifically, check for rust on/around the cowl area. One tell tale sign is if you feel moisture on the carpet, either on the driver's side or passenger side. Take a really bright flash light, and look up from the underneath the dash. Look for the tell tale signs of rust, up there, looking at the cowl, but from underneath looking up (again, up underneath the dash). On the driver's side, there is an air intake vent, shine your flash light up around there. See my two attached pictures of the rust problem I found in the cowl area, driver's side. If a potential buyer lets you, pour water down into the cowl, emulating rain fall. Also pour water down the windshield, again like rain fall. Then, look for water dripping down from under the dash, into the floor board area, especially around the driver's side. To really check thoroughly, it will ideally require pulling up the carpet and then look for leaks dripping down. That will tell you you have a leak from the cowl area, and/or the windshield. I know this now because I discovered this rust problem in the cowl area and the windshield (especially the driver's side) AFTER I bought the car. :( Major lesson learned for me, hope to save you some heart burn. Not saying don't buy it, but you go into purchase negotiations with your eyes open. Good luck!


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