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Looking to buy a new 2013 Mustang V6

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My new job has me commute 60 odd miles a day and I'm looking for a new car. Like most of us here I've always wanted a Mustang. The 2013 looks good, and I almost have my mindset on the v6 coupe premium. The GT premium is over my budget plus the gas mileage. I am getting a stick shift, since I've only ever owned stick-shifts at home. The 'stang will be my daily driver sun, rain or snow.
Though I am almost certainly going for it, I'd want to hear from real Mustang owners.
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Welcome to the site. You may want to venture into the tech forums and see what the guys and gals think.
since I don't have a mustang yet, i thought it's best to post here, being a newbie.
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