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looking to rebuild, options? 96 stock.

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First off let me say I'm obviously new. This is my first mustang, and my first project car. I only have a few months of school left (going for network and it). I have access to a garage(my step dad owns) and with some free money coming up he said he'd help me rebuild this pony. (As long as I did the research, he didn't specify how:]) I'm looking to spend about 5grand give or take a bit. The body has 260k miles on it, engine has 160k. I do want to repaint, but I have q cousin that does it, that can come later. I believe it is still the 6cyl, 5 speed manual t5(if the seller was honest) picked it up for $200 runs and drives no lights. I'm looking for a fun car, not a drag racer. A 14 year old hey let's play, not a 30 year old with 6 kids midlife crisis car. Hopeing for around 300hp, an engine with 150k miles on it would be okay with me. Looking for best mpg still, but still playful (4cyl eco boost would be lovely, but I doubt in my price range) can you guys give me some ideas to float around and research?!
Edit:I should clarify, still looking to use it as a daily driver, so mpg is a big issue. If we could stay way under 5 I wouldn't complain either.
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For that hp you are going to have to add a power adder for the price range, turbo charged or supercharged. A full supercharged kit will probably take up all your budget sadly and only get you possibly around 260 or 270 maybe. Plus you will probably have to rebuild the motor to accommodate for the supercharger possibly.

Is a good site to just find what others have done to obtain their horses.
I don't think a super charger would be in my interest, twin turbo sounds workable. A motor rebuild is defiantly in the question, like I said, I'd be willing to take something with around 150k miles on it that would be able to work around this (swap or rebuild), thank you, I'll look at that tonight.

Sad to say, you should spend that 5k on a 99-04 GT, add a few bolt ons, a tune, and you are close to your goal....getting 300hp out of an older V6 will be tough at your budget. Not to mention all the other odds and ends that come with a project, plus the 260k miles on a car...

Start with a GT...
A gt was out of the question. Its not about the money, its about spending time with my step dad now that I'm almost done with school, I won't have all that money until this summer when schools out, so piece by piece will have to do. I have a car until its ready. the 300 was a want, obviously I'll work with what's possible, that's why I'm here!
And funny, my step dad actually rebuilt a totalled 04 40th anniversary. This wasn't a planned buy, a friend needed the cash and now that I have it, I want to do something with it.
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What is your timeline on finishing this?

I'm all for projects as long as the expectation of "this will be a project and I'm completely ready for odds and ends, pennies here, dollars there, etc.." is understood.

I'm not sure why you won't consider a supercharger over a twin turbo setup...cheaper, easier to tune, kits are readily availably for the 3.8/4.2 setup, no custom fabricating...can be pieced together fairly cheap if you source used parts...

I'm still of the opinion that you should opt for a GT (still can be a project car) but hey your money your car
I was thinking, drivable before winter, during winter have it sanded and painted (re weld one of the corner panels) and store it, be ready for next spring, so quite some time. I would consider, I'm just afraid there's no chance of salvaging the gas milage with a super charger. (But if that would be the best option, then so be it. That's why I'm learning!) And would love to, but then I have to spend quite a bit extra on the car, and then buy the parts, I'd be doing double what I'm planning on for the time I want it:p
I'm just afraid there's no chance of salvaging the gas milage
Sorry to say that if your lookin for a 300 hp 90s model v6 then you wont be getting great gas mileage. On my 02 v6 i get around 12-16mpg with the mods ive done. Now granted mine is an auto and i like to drive it like a standard... Haha so you have to trade off mpgs for horses sorry to say.. But forced induction should... Theoretically increase mpgs since a motor is like an inefficient air pump. Faster air gets in the faster it gets out. With that said it wont help if you lay into it every second like i do when i drive! Good luck. Love step father/son builds.. Wish my step father was into cars like yours seems to be.
I did some looking around, assuming I can find a used one at the time I have the money, looking at 1.5-2k for 140hp. Which would put me around 270-280 as someone has stated. So a few more cleaning it out and redoing the ecu, its looking doable. I found a friend that's willing to teach me how to do the paint myself and take care of it(just have to pay for the paint.) Now, with adding a super charger, obviously im going to have to remount and reinforce the engine, what else will have to be done to the engine? And will this trans even hold up to this? I'm guessing changing the gear ratio is going to be a must.
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