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Loose Object Rolling Around Behind Dash

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Hello Everyone,

Long time viewer, first-time poster. A few months ago I picked up a 2007 Mustang GT Convertible from a private seller. Car was in great shape and still is. Had only 38,000 original miles when I picked it up. I am loving it so far. I have only a few light mods which are listed in my signature.

Right now I have been chasing down an interior rattle noise which is very intermittent and sounds like something loose rolling around behind the dashboard area above the glove box and behind the air bag.

I have done a multitude of searches on this site and across the internet to no avail to try to chase down what could be causing this highly irritating noise. Another member of this forum, nippywhiffle, did post about this noise, describing exactly what I have been experiencing. Unfortunately, the thread he posted in is closed and there was no resolution. Here is the most accurate description of what I am experiencing, as described by nippywhiffle:

"One major problem is what sounds like something rolling around in the interior of the car. If I accelerate, it'll roll back, if I brake (or even come off the gas), it'll roll forward, if I turn left, it rolls right, and if I turn right, it rolls left. It's not something under any of the seats, or in the glove box, or any door pockets/storage compartments. It sounds like it's on the passenger side. I feel pretty sure it's behind the dash... but it's hollow back there, so I don't know where. It does sound like it's rolling on plastic though.

One time, the dealership thought it was in the rocker panel... but that would be a metallic sound I assume, which it isn't, and I'm sure it wouldn't sound this loud.

I feel like a screw has fallen out of something, and is just rolling around now. It doesn't happen constantly... it'll happen when I hit a large bump sometimes, and it's like this object comes loose, and starts rolling around for a while. Suddenly, it'll disappear, as if it gets trapped (til next time)."

The full original post is available here:

I can tell you all that I have taken off the passenger side door panel, reached in there, cleaned it out, but couldn't find anything. I also took a look under the passenger seat and made sure all wires were properly clipped into place. I also took off the glove box to see if I could find where the noise is coming from. Even when driving with the glove box removed, the noise is still there.

I really have no idea what could be causing this noise and it is driving me crazy. I wonder whether it could be something that fell into the HVAC vents/tubes that route air to the dash defroster, but it is hard to see anything in there without ripping the whole dash apart.

I would appreciate any suggestions that you all have. I have access to a fair amount of tools and I'm not afraid of taking apart interior pieces if need be, but I don't want to keep chasing dead ends. I look forward to your replies. Thanks!
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I'm not laughing at you; I'm just reminded of that scene in Tommy Boy!:grin:

You might be onto something there, maybe something did fall in the HVAC vents. If so, it could be a real pain to find...

If you don't have a scope, they can be found for cheap. I have an endoscope camera with a 6ft long cable; it plugs into my laptop's USB port. It's a cheap off-brand one that I found online for $12. Pretty nifty.
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Lol that's such a great movie and a hilarious scene! God I miss Chris Farley. I know I have read some other posts about how hard it is to tear the dash apart so I am hoping that is something I won't have to do.

The only thing is that I don't remember dropping anything down there or letting anything fall in. I definitely would have heard it or remembered if something fell back there. Plus I haven't had the car all that long yet.

I guess I am wondering that if that situation doesn't apply (dropping something behind the dash), is there anything back there that has been known to work itself loose?

The most recent mod I have put on is my Pypes M-80 catback exhaust, which was less than two weeks ago. There is definitely more bass and vibration from the exhaust so I don't know if that could be the cause of it.

I don't think I had this rattling interior noise before the install, but I can't exactly remember how long afterwards it started.
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Oh I like that scope idea! Do they have lights attached to them? That might be a cheap way to go in and check. I totally forgot those things existed!
Yup, they have LEDs built right in, and a dimmer control wheel on the USB end. I found mine on I don't normally shop there, but a friend pointed it out and I couldn't pass up on the price, even if it does turn out to be junk after a year or two (so far so good). There are some different lengths available, and they're supposedly waterproof. The cables are completely limp, not rigid like those inspection scopes you see at the hardware store, so it can be difficult to feed without a fish tape.
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Urambo tauro, thank you very much that sounds like a great, inexpensive way that I may be able to solve this! Plus, it couldn't hurt to have one of those things for the future. I like that fish tape idea to help make the wire easier to guide.

After driving in this morning to the train station I think I am convinced it is in the defroster vents. I have been trying to convince whatever it is to roll to the right (by taking hard lefts) and eventually fly out the passenger side exit for the defroster vents. I took a peak in there this morning and I think I see something but its a little hard to tell without better lighting (looks like it might be a very small stone?)

Maybe I just need to go find a parking lot and do some donuts till that sucker comes flying out ;)
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