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Lots of mods, what do you think?

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I bought the car about 4-6 weeks ago. It came with UPR X-pipe, full 2.5 inch Magnaflow exhaust, Spec 3 clutch and Fidanza aluminum flywheel.

In the last week I have added:
DCR 3-piece Laguna Seca wheels, 20x9 (+36) front, 20x11 (+43) rear. I am still waiting on the center caps.

Toyo Proxes T1R tires, 255/35/20 front, 305/30/20 rear.

Tokico DSpec struts/shocks and Ford Racing springs, I am running full stiffness and love it.

BMR strut tower brace and adjustable panhard bar.

Steeda cold air intake along with their new tune to run the car using the Xcal2.

With the wheels, suspension and CAI, the car is NOTHING like it was a week ago :) It rails on corners now.

Future mods will include tint, 3:73 gears, maybe a new clutch as this one is too heavy for street driving GT500 front end swap. I don't like the stock wing or hood scoop so those will go. These are the planned one, who knows what else :) I had thought of supercharging, but I think if I have any more power than now I will get hurt or in trouble :)


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Those are some huge azz tires! Looking good :bigthumbsup
Well you can get a supercharger, ya just gotta learn how to control yourself lol But it is tough. Thats a nice stang ya got and 373 is def. a good investment. Really wakes up the mustang.
Sweet ride!! It's just crying out for a supercharger.:bigthumbsupIf staying n/a go for 4.10's.
Looks real good there. So how does it run now?
To me, it runs like a beast compared to when I got it. I love it. It had a "Cadillac" float in corners before. Now, you just twitch and the thing will turn.

I thought about 4:10s at first. I had an 01 Bullitt with 4:10s, but you could not get anywhere in 1st gear. Considering the pull it has now, I think 3:73 is as high as I want to go. Besides, if I do decide to supercharge in the future, I won't have to change them again ;-)
Looks good. I like those rims with that color. May want to line up those exhaust pipes a bit better so you don't burn your bumper. Not trying to be anal about it, but I have a nasty burn mark on mine because of that.
Nice ride man:bigthumbsup Remember with great power comes great responsibility:D Just try to stay out of trouble if you go FI.
Thanks guys. I haven't even thought about the pipes, I will take a look at that soon.

Honestly, I don't even own a radar detector, I get nervous when I start to speed. Paranoid of getting caught ;-) I think I do need to get some radar though, just in case of speed traps.
Nice looking ride... Those are some great looking rims!!
i am not a fan of the rims but i agree with stl that thos tires are freeking huge. I like all of the other mods that you have done, and i assume its a 5-speed stick, you might want to get a shifter, i have heard glowing reviews about the MGW shifter from 5-20 and a few others.
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