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Loud noise...please help!!

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I just put my K&N Cold Air Intake put on this week and I heard a really high pitched squeaking sound coming from under the hood about 2 hours after installation. I went back the next day to the guy who put it on and after a couple of minutes of listening he found it was coming straight from the filter. Not to be confused with sound of air being sucked in, I know what that sounds like, this is something different. I hear it when I'm idleing or when I'm barely hitting the gas at 2000 RPM's. When I accelerate this noise goes away, I don't know why. The noise is considerably loud and can be heard from the inside of other cars with the windows up (I had a friend in another car see if he could hear it while in front of me at a stop light). I know plenty of you have K&N intakes and I was wondering if any of you have heard the same noise, or if it is normal. Thanks.
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It is either from your throttle body or a sharp edge in the air intake track. I lean towards the throttle body. When you open it the noise goes away.
The guy who installed it said he didn't touch the throttle body so that can't be it, and I never had this problem before I got the intake put on.
The sound you're hearing is that of air being sucked in by the manifold vacuum past the barely open throttle body blade. When you open the throttle up more the noise goes away right?
Yeah, once I get on it the noise is completely gone. I only hear it when idleing or at low rpm's.
Yeah, that's the sound of air rushing past the barely open throttle blade.
Then why didn't I hear it before the K&N intake?
Your air filter housing and inlet tubing are designed by Ford as an intake muffler, not just to hold the filter.
My 04 GT makes that sound after I installed my BBK cold air intake system. Not to worry.
I like to tell the ricers it's the sound of my supercharger...thent they're like for reals...and im like no...hahahahah!!!

no it happens to all of's just the air coming did it with the stock intake too just wasn't noticable...but now that u got more air coming in...well u get the picture...
mine squeals more with the ac on's's a Mustang, they make noises...just love them or drive a honda
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