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Louder mustang?

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Hey guys I've been wondering this question for a while I'm installing my twisted wedge heads right now just wondering is my mustang gonna be louder now?! I have a stock cam :/ and bbk shortie equal lenghts and flowmaster mufflers Thanks
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Ahhh damn

Thanks for all the replies guys! I have 2.5 inch exhUst with an h pipe. Trust me it already sounds sexy I was just wondering if it'd change the tone :kooky:

I agree with the above. It should sound the same. But I understand where you're coming from with that question.

Get a good 2.5" midpipe/catback and it will sound better.

Note: Remember, LOUD doesn't actually mean it sounds GOOD.
I heard a '03-'04 Mach 1 the other day and he was running straight pipes. It was loud as hell but sounded like shiz and was very obnoxious. True car guys can tell if you're just TRYING to be loud or if it IS loud. :)
Exactly !

I know exactly whatcha mean man! Ya I just want it to sound more throaty. I was hopping it sound deeper and like it's actually modded now :kooky:

When I went from my stock 5.0 to a full Trick Flow Top End, my sound definitely changed. Got louder and the cam gave it a meaner sound. That was from bone stock to full Trick Flow top though.

Some guys dont know the difference between being loud and sounding good. I work with a guy with a Honda Shadow. I forget what CC. He always says, "wow, it's hard to believe that my BIKE is louder than your V8!" and I respond with "If I had 2 feet of straight pipe, my car would be a whole lot louder than your bike, but I know there's a difference in being loud and sounding good."

Thank god that's what I was looking for , the ricers know they can't hang! =P haha

I think throatier is the best way to describe the change I got. It's by no means obnoxiously loud, but it lets people know it's there. And I actually get a LOT less harrassment from ricers than when it was stock.
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