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Love the new Stang

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Hello everyone. I just joined AFM after reading the forum for about month now. I have also just gotten my first new car, and it is a 2006 Mustang GT - Black on Black Manual. Mustangs got me into my first career as a Ford technician after a buddy in High School got a brand new 85 GT. My first job was at a gas station where the mechanic was restoring a 1970 Boss 302. I have owned, worked on or driven just about every year of mustang, and I must say this new breed is the best ever. This is the tightest and best put together car Ford has put out. Definitely the best Mustang, and quite possibly the best Ford car ever.
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Welcome to AFM and congrats on your new '06.

Welcome to AFM, and congrats on the new 06
Welcome, and congrats on the shiny new stang!
Need some pics...

Show it off!:laughlitt :eyebulge:
Finally got some digital pics. I now have some of them in my gallery.
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