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Lowering Spring Questions

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Will lowering my car with the Eibach sport springs affect my alignment/suspension in a negative way? Will the Camber/Castor change? Do the control arms stay within specs?
And finally, just to prove my ignorance, does the lowering springs just lower the body (i.e. smaller gap in the wheel well between body and tire) or do they actually lower the whole chassis closer to the ground?
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I just had the Eibach Sportlines installed on my GT yesterday. I think they really make the car look nice. Lowers the front 1.6 inches and the back 2 inches. The car still has a slight rake but I like it. The ride is a little harsher and you will definitely notice it if you have a bumpy road or a road with some pot holes. You have to watch those speed bumps. I found one in the local market parking lot that will thump at a crawl. I didn't notice any difference in the ride on a good highway but I did notice a change in cornering --- corners super now.

You will require an alignment after installation. I went to Les Schwab's and they recommend I bring it back after 30 days for an alignment check -- included in the price. They did have a problem aligning mine. They could not bring the camber in on the driver's front. They pulled the Ford info on the problem and Ford states to take a grinding tool to enlarge the strut-to-wheel spindle lower mounting hole and install a new cam bolt. They informed me of the problem. I am bringing it to my Ford Dealer next week to have them fix the problem for free since I feel you shouldn't enounter this type of problem on a new car.

I attached a couple of pics, I hope this helps.

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Same for all....???

This is what I was afraid of. I have to travel over some high stuff to get on post here at Fort Riley. I guess lowering is out for now. That is why I was asking if it lowered the body or chassis or both. Your car does look hot though, redfire!

I wonder if it is this way with EVERY lowering spring kit?
more or less, yes

Hate to break it to ya, but yeah, that's the way all of them work. The entire chassis sits at a lower height. These are unibody cars - no separate frame and body, it's all one piece, so you can't channel the body down over the frame like the old street rods. But, the handling improvement is specifically because you've lowered the entire mass of the car, so it doesn't lean over in turns, and carves better. I'd love to drop mine a little, but I've got an obstacle course to drive through, too.
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