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lowering springs question

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Hey All,
I know I have mentioned this before, and I am sorry if I am beating a dead horse, but I want to drop my Stang so she has a better stance. When I have asked before in regards to which kit to use, either the Saleen lowering/suspension kit or the Eibach lowering springs, I got more positive results for the Slaeen kit. Question (or two), does anyone know how much drop the Saleen kit will provide? What about the camber adjustments I have heard that is related to the Eibach springs, are they requried as well for the Saleen kit. Would it be a better buy to purchyase the Eibach springs, and then purchase sway bars seperately? How much drop can I safely go with 20" wheels and 245/40ZR20 Tires? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Uh, sorry... WHY do you have 245 40s on 20" rims...?!!? That's a new one!

If you're overall stock size, I think you're, you can drop her two or so inches, depending how much snow you're going to plow...?? :winks

Camber adjustments (plates or bolts) over what's adjustable on the stock car is only needed 1 outa 5 or so cars... most have enough play to get it aligned without AM adjustments...

I don't know anything about the Saleens... sorry! I have, and like, the Eibach's (springs + anti roll) allot...

As for the 40 tires on 20" wheels, I may have written the numbers down inthe wrong order (it is possible), but I know the the tires are 245 wide, the side wall is 40 and the rim size is 20", they where the wheels/tires put on by the dealer. I plan on changing th etires sooner or later to soemthing more like 255/35ZR20 (or whatever the actual formula is) so I can get a wider footprint and less side wall.

As for the springs, I am really glad to hear a strong endorsement of the Eibach springs and sway bar. I may go that option, I hear it is significantly less expensive to go that way. Yes, my car is stock height (or very close to it).

Does anyone out there have the Saleen kit so as to give a solid endorsement? From what I am seeing, most have the Eibach (or similar brand) as opposed tot he Saleen. Is that becaus of the cost issue? Or are the Eibach as good (if not downright better) than the Saleen?

Like I said, I know I am beating a dead horse, but this is likely to be one my more dramatic modifications. When I go ahead with this , I also want to change my brakes out to 14" Ventilated/crossdrilled rotors to give me more braking capacity. So, I want to make sure, all is mods are done right, safely, and even to some point economically.
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I think with 20's ppl put on 275 at least... I have 275/35's on my 19's... You might have to stagger them, and also I don't know how wide your rim is, what it can fit...
k.j. what springs do you have??????it looks kickaz.....

did you change the shocks and struts two?????, and how did the alignment go????:cool:
eibach i know but pro kit or sportline?????
tires/lowering springs

kj_cinci, I am not sure the width of my wheels, but I am positive I can easily put on a 255 wide tire, and I will check on the 275 wide tires (which is what I prefer). I think the wheels are either 8" or 9" wide. I have considered the possibilty of replacing both wheels and tires, for I really like the tires on the Saleen Stangs and they are 275 wide on 20" wheels.

As for the springs, darkdays had a good question, which do you have the Eibach sportline or pro? How much work was involved in adjusting the camber?
that chick in the blue is making me smile......i think she wants me.....:tongue

anyway i am running 18x9's on mine with a 27545zr18 and they are cool.....i hope they don't rub when i slamm it!!!!
Those are 'only' the Pros, cannot imagine how the sports are off a smooth track...!!! :eyebulge:

I have stock shocks...

My tire shop took car of the alignment, camber and all is in spec!
thank you....i will go with the pros......:cool:
You will be impressed, mostly with looks... when you're messing with it get the anti roll kit too and you'll be VERY happy! It's close to my M3 only with that!! Why pay for alignment twice if you're gonna do it...?? :happyhapp
anti roll kit??????? what and were do i get that?????:cool:
Get it with the springs... mine is made by Eibach... it's just some beefer sway bars and trailing arms/bushings! OH SO worth it! You will NOT recognize the handling of your car, it will finally feel like a sports car, and for about $500 if you install yourself!!

I got my springs and anti-roll kit from Sacrameto Mustang on a special... think it was 220 for the springs, 280 for the bars and free shipping!!
cool i will get with my guy and find out about it is sway bars and bushings right????? i will install myself so that will be worth the extra i saved.......:cool: p.s. thank you for your help.....
darkdayz said:
cool i will get with my guy and find out about it is sway bars and bushings right????? i will install myself so that will be worth the extra i saved.......:cool: p.s. thank you for your help.....
All you need is inkluded in the Kit, I hope this link works It's not the easiest do it at home! I would not even start on it without a lift... but I'm lazy I guess...
Here are the springs (if the links work) You'll need a spring compressor to install the front ones.

AND DON'T FORGET to go and get an alignment immedeatly you have all on and aligned as well as you can eye meassuring...!!!
cool....thanks again..i don't have a lift but i am going to take the struts up to my service dept and have them swap the springs for me then i am driving it 1 mile to get the alignment at the same place........thank you for the links...i am wondering about the struts and shocks do i need to change them too or will i be o.k. for now??????:cool:
I have the stock ones and am fine... I'd LUV to have the D-specs but can't justify $800 when it works and I'm happy with handling... it would be for ride comfort and for the Saturday drag setting....
cool....i didn't want to spend the extra cash but i do want it to handle and ride decent.......i don't drive it everyday but would like to keep some comfort and performance for those weekend trips to my favorite cornering place.....:cool:
springs and antiroll kilt

kj_cinci, so what you are saying is that you got both the springs and the antiroll kit for somewhere near $500. WOW!!! :eyepoppin The Saleen kit is $798 (plus shipping) and I am not sure if is any better. I am going have to check the Eibach out. Especially sinc I work in Sacramento and am not too foar from Sacramento Mustangs.
i still think the chick in blue likes me.....:tongue
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