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Lowering Springs

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I have been reading around and have noticed that most S197s have gone with eibach lowering springs. I am driving a s197 v6 and wanted to know if anyone had had RTR lowering springs on their V6. I have not seen any reviews involving having a v6, i have only read about them on v8s. I am willing to hear other options, i just am not looking to follow the crowd unless its the safer thing to do.
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there is not a lot of difference in lowering springs, other than the amount of drop . . . I don't think there are really any "bad" lowering springs, except maybe some super-cheap made-in-china ones that you might find on e-bay

I would recommend you look for the amount of drop that you want and don't worry too much about brand

the spring rate is a secondary consideration; if you don't want to change out your struts and shocks, you can look for springs with about the same spring rate as stock
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