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LTH + O/R X-Pipe - 3.7L V6

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Hello! I've got a 2013 3.7 and I recently got my hands on some longtube headers and an off-road x pipe off my friend's 3.7, they don't have a logo on them so we aren't too sure what brand they are. I'm looking at tunes right now but before I buy one I want to make sure I have everything I need to put them on. My friend kept his O2 sensor extensions, so do I need to buy both front and rear extensions? Anything else I should know before I try to install? Thanks!
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you should know that removing the catalytic converters makes your car illegal for use on public roads, in case you care about that

the rear O2 sensors probably will need to be turned off in the tune, otherwise you will get Check Engine Light
You can no longer get a tune from anyone when running no cats. No tuning company will do that for you anymore. This is why offroad pipes are no longer sold since the Fed has cracked down on no cats in the past year.
If these "extenders" that you have don't fool the PCM then your car will run like crap. It won't run ideally anyway because with them in place of normally functioning O2 sensors and cats it will keep the PCM stuck in permanent open loop and therefore won't make the adjustments that it needs to the air/fuel ratio and timing. That will cost yourself HP especially without a tune to compensate so there is nothing to be gained by running no cats, only losses. My suggestion is to scrap the idea and the offroad pipe.
If your state does emissions testing you would fail and you also leave yourself open to very hefty fines if a cop bothers to ever look under the car with a mirror.
If you want the long tubes on the car then my advice is to look over them for a stamped part # so you can identify what brand they are and then buy the matching catted mid pipe for them. If they're generic Ebay long tubes then you might be out of luck.
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