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Luminics Ultra White bulbs.. does anyone have them?

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Stangmods Luminics Ultra White Headlights

Has anyone seen these or bought these? I was going to buy HIDs but I saw these and I wouldn't have to deal with wiring harnesses. I was just wondering what they looked like compared to 6000K or 8000K HID lights so if you have pictures please show.
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Well their advertising is certainly questionable. It isn’t physically possible for them to both draw the same amount of power as the stock bulbs and be over twice as bright at the same time. Not unless their life span is incredibly short. Not saying they wouldn’t look decent when installed, just that I would stay away because of their advertising statement (either super short life span or bold faced lies about their performance).
I put some of the Sylvania Silverstars in my 05, made a tiny bit of difference, almost unnoticeable. Biggest improvement in visibility came from adjusting the headlights so they were pointing forward instead of down at the ground the way Ford had them. They’re still low enough so as not to trouble other drivers, but now I can see at night, what a concept.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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