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mac x-pipe vs bassani x-pipe

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just wanted to know if there is a sound difference between these two?
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To the best of my knowledge, MAC doesn't make an X-pipe. Only H-pipes and pro-chambers.

Yes, MAC does indeed make X pipes. Soundwise, it's not going to be a major difference, slight if any.
The sound of the jingle coming out of your pocket for the Bassani is gonna be a lot louder. As long as it's mandrel bent, an X is an X.
Ok thanks guys... I have a bassani x-pipe on my 98 gt now but i want an h-pipe cause i like the rumble better than raspy...
I Like My X Pipe I Dont No What Kind It Is, But It Is Very Loud And Deep Sound, My Gutted Cats Had A More Hollow Sound.
I have the bassani x pipe and loooooove it! I was afraid of rasp too bc i like the deep rumble more but after buying it and pairing it with my 2 flowmaster 40s i fell in love. Those chambered flows really eliminate the rasp and turn it into a deep, throaty, meeeaann sounding exhaust

+1 Bassani! :bigthumbsup
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I run BBK Headers, Bassani X pipe, Bassani catback, and love it!

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