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mach 1 MAF injector information needed

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Hello i have a 2004 mustang mach 1. I was wondering if anyone knew the stock mach 1 MAF size and what the stock size is for the fuel injectors. Going to get a dyno tune and want to have all the info i can to do the best tune i can get. Thank you for the help. When i purchased this mach 1 it had some stuff done to it and i want to check and see what is still stock and what is aftermarket. What is the easiest way to check the injector size and the MAF size?
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Prrrrretty sure the Mach's had 24lb/hr injectors. Other option is 21 like the GT's had. They are color coded though, so if you can tell us what color the ring on top of your injectors is then somebody can confirm what you have.

Not sure at all on the stock MAF size. If you can post a pic though I'm sure somebody should be able to confirm whether it's stock or not.

Regardless, since you are having a dyno tune done then whether or not you are able to provide this info to your tuner they should, between MAF and O2 sensor readings, be able to tune your car anyway no prob. Having specific info like that is helpful mostly when doing email or remote tuning, where the guy isn't able to sit there in real time viewing data that your pcm is producing (and also see under the hood to know what's there). Your tuner will probably first do a baseline run to see where everything is at it currently sits, and then make adjustments to spark and fuel tables and run a few more times until it's all dialed in.
Yeah i was figuring they could tell but im a hands on person so i like to know whats going on and i like to also know what ive got lol. Thanks for the help. Will i have to take the injector out to see the color or will i be able to see the color while they are connected? Also of they are 24lb injectors what hp are they good for befor i should upgrade? The MAF "seems" to be stock(fit to my K&N intake like the stock one should) I was more wondering about the size of it more for future planing. I see kits out there for bigger MAFs but it would make no since to get one that is 5mm bigger than stock (eventuality want my heads P&P with better rockers and springs and intake P&P as well). I hear about using the Lightning MAF but that would be if i went forced induction which im not planning on. So im basically looking for a base line ya know lol. Thanks again for the help
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