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Mach 1 vs z28 Camaro

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I was on my way home tonight just cruising along minding my own business when a teal newer style Z28 camaro comes up beside me (looked to be stock). I didn't think anything of it until he started pacing me so I got about a car legnth ahead of him and he down shifts and goes by me and then slows down so we were dead even........I shifted down to 3rd and off we went....I pulled on him pretty easy and ended up
about 2 1/2 car lengths ahead and was still pulling of him when we had to shut it down cause because we were coming up fast on some cars.

Then we get through some traffic and there is another opening but he was ahead of me cause he went in a different time traffic cleared and we had room to go again he was about 5 car lengths ahead of me.....I figured we'd get even again and give it another run, but the dude didn't wait for me....he punched it right when we were in the clear and I shifted down to 3rd the to 4th and was slowly catching him, but we had to slow down cause some cars were ahead of us.

Then the dude looks over at me like he won or something.....I whooped his ass when we started dead even and it would have got worse if I could have kept going.....then he has a 5 car length head start on me and acts like he won. I would have whooped his ass again with the head start if there weren't any cars around and I didn't have to get off the freeway...CHEATER!!!
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Sounds like a ricer in disguise:laughlitt
I think your right.....I just kinda laughed it off, but I really wanted to whoop his ass again. Oh well.
hes a mustang ricer...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
ha ha....He's a cheater! I really really wanted to kick his ass again. Oh well, I'm sure it's not the last time I'll get challenged by a camaro. I would much rather beat up on ricers though.
Ricers are fun, but I prefer deflating "my car is superior" attitudes that GM'ers tend to carry, and Dudger's..
If it was teal you possibly raced a LT1 as I believe no 98+ came in teal. You have to love those that try any way to get the advantage.
Good kill.I used to have a 96 Z28 with the LT 1 and a 6 speed.The last run I had in it was like 12.4 with only a few boltons so they are pretty quick.
Yeah I dont know what year it exactly was, I just know it was the newer body style. Your right about them being fast with just a couple of bolt ons....I got my butt handed to me a few times by camaros when I had my 03 GT. I'm pretty sure if he even had exhaust it would have been a different story.
The F-body exhaust is really restricted and with a simple cutout and mufflers help alot. Now get an o/r y and headers too and you have gained an easy 25+ rwhp.
I cant wait until spring and hit the track. My step dad thinks his stock 97 Z28 will take my stock 06 GT.
It will be good, but The numbers game I got him, and defintly if its a drivers race I got him.
Hes having a small trophy made up, lol.
If he has got a 6-spedd and can hook it properly... hes got you.

The LT1 has gobs of torque.... G/L though.

I just got out of a 125K mile LT1 before I got my 05 GT... and I think it was faster. Not as nice of a car, but it was 10 years older.
Auto, And he thinks using the ASR(traction control) will help him, lol
no i think even if he grabs he want be able to beat you if you get a good launch what does lt1 run low 14 and 06 should run mid to low 13
Thats what I was thinking. I feel confident that I can launch better than him. There will be a few practice runs, then the real thing. Ill make sure to post after race day. Good chance by then I will have a CAI and tune, shhhh.
I have not seen (personally) a stock 05 run below a 14.1. I have seen plenty of stock LT1 6-speeds run 13.7-13.8 range with good drivers. I have seen some run as bad as a high 14 when they were trying.

The autos are a Tad bit slower... and if he leaves his traction control on... you got him. The ASR uses the ABS System. Who uses Brakes in the 1/4 mile?

I think if you Hook and hit the shift points right (about 6100-6200) rpms and he turns his Traction COntroll off... you get hom by .2sec

I say a 13.9 to a 14.1... I bet a beer on it.

Ofcourse since he has the used car, his general state of mechanical wellness may play a role here. How healthy is that Opti-spark. When was the last time the plugs got changed... etc.
Heh, funny you ask, his car has only 18,000 miles on it. Plugs were changed only a few months ago. Its his summer car.
I stand by my previous statement.
Is abs the only thing it uses? Anytime I was driving the car and broke taction the gas pedal pops up on you, seems like it cuts fuel. Which is just as bad, and if it uses the brakes also, thats gonna be real bad for em.

And it is auto.
As far as I know it was just ABS, maybe someone else can Chime in. All the 4th gens I had was ordered with out the ASR.

It might pull timing as well, but how could it kick the gas pedal up on you? It doesnt have a motor that I am aware of on it... its just a standard metal strand throttle cable?

I did drive an LT4 Vette in 96-97 for a while that did have ASR and it seems like it lifted the Gas pedal on me to.

I guess I am not sure becuase I never tinkered with an LT1 or LT4 that had ASR.
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