The EPA figures are in for the Ford Mustang Mach-E's electric range. The crossover that we're still not over the naming of meets or exceeds Ford's estimates for all of the initially available configurations, with the longest-range option hitting 300 miles on the test.

That's not the longest range out there, but it is one of the few to hit the 300-mile mark, and, again, it was exactly what Ford was shooting for.

That longest range model is the Extended-Range RWD model, with just a single electric motor and the big battery pack giving it 300 miles. Add eAWD thanks to the second motor and the actual EPA range figure is 270 miles. Standard range models get 230 miles of range for the RWD Mach-E and 211 for eAWD, which is actually one better than the estimate.

The first Mach-E Mustangs are set to hit dealers very soon, with customer deliveries in the US beginning in December. So some order placers will get their Mustang EV before the holidays.

If you're wondering about the California Route 1 model, it still has a target of 300 miles, but it's not expected to hit the market just yet and the EPA hasn't finished testing. Ford expects the numbers by the end of the year. So go out and order your electric pony crossover with the assurance that it'll get you pretty far down the road before it's time for a recharge.