Forget about that green Mustang, this is the movie Ford you really want. The last of the V8s. She sucks nitro with Phase 4 heads! 600 horsepower through the wheels! She's meanness set to music and the ***** is born to run!

It's Mad Max Rockatansky's 1973 Ford Falcon XB, the blower-equipped Pursuit Special that was the star of both Mad Max and The Road Warrior. This is the real thing, the car that was in the first two films on-screen and it's up for sale at the Orlando Auto Museum in Florida.

Shannons of Australia reports on the history of the car, which was originally gifted to a mechanic from the first film to settle a debt. The producers bought it back for the second film, where it was modified to reflect the realities of years on the road. Like removing half of the Concorde nose and fitting two massive fuel tanks. It was then sent to a scrap yard, but purchased in 1985 and sent on a tour of Australia. For that showing, the body kit was restored but the rear tanks were left. It was then sold to a UK museum in 1992.

There's no asking price for this one, but rumor has it a $2m offer was previously turned down. With the Bullitt Mustang getting well over $3 million, this one probably won't snag much more cash than that, but then again, to the right people, this car is even more iconic. A few groups are trying to bring it home to Australia, though, so the offers could get intense.