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MagnaFlow Exhaust. does it sound good?

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does magnaflow exhaust sound good on 03 cobra?
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in my opinoin it has that deep muscle car tone,and not too loud.
i have a 2004 cobra with magnaflows

inside the car it sounds like you cant even hear it, but outside the car it has a great sound, its pretty deep, i love it, but i want to get headers to make it just a bit louder
Here my car on the dyno. has magnaflow catback and BBK o/r x-pipe. My buddy has the same catback on his 03 and it is very quite with the stock H. Mine on the other hand is very loud.

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It sounds good, but it is not very loud.
I've got it with the stock midpipe.
It sounds good -- not too loud, but loud enough to get you noticed. Great deep muscle car tone, nice crackle on deceleration or when you rev and release.
I have a UPR o/r X and the magna flow and love it. it is loud. The fit is great!!!
I have a clip if you want it (3mb)
magnaflows with a O/R x-pipe is loud. Whoever says magnaflow aren't loud has never heard them with a o/r x-pipe.
Magnaflows do have the classic deep tone to them like everyones stated, and they arent the loudest, but they are definately HEARD. Tho its not the loudest catback but add an x pipe and its'll scream.

I personally have the flow master exhaust, and I love it. Deep throaty sound and not to loud on the inside. My neighbor tells me it is an awsome sound when I roll by his house.
The magnaflow magnapacks are loud, but my friend has a 2002 roush with a magnaflow o/r x pipe and magnaflows and its not very loud. I do like the sound though.
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