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Major problems 98 SVT Cobra

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Here is the deal-

someone bought this car new off the lot, drove it for 40,000 miles then let it sit up until January of 2005-
someone bought it in January of 05 drove it until March of 05 and the engine quit-
He had MV Performance put a new stock motor, 4.10 gears, new clutch, short shifter, calibration unit for the shifter and gears, moved the battery to the trunk, and a few other modifications-
He traded the car in October 05 and I got it-

So I bought an Immaculate condition car that registered 45,000 miles that had a new motor with 5,000 miles on it-

About 1 month after purchasing it I started having alternator like problems-
One day at work it wouldnt start, I got a jump off-
Some days the lights would dim out and then come right back-
Then it got to where while just sitting at a stop light it would register that it was running hot, the speedometer would jump, the battery light would come on, etc., but if I turned on the air conditioner it would come back to normal.
Then it quit starting all together, It is a manual transmission so we would pop the clutch to start it...
Then the last straw, we were at a stop sign, the guages went crazy, we turned on the airconditioner and it didnt work, we reved up the engine and it all went back to normal- when we got home that night and put it in the garage- it started smoking from inside the console---around the emergency brake area--

My husband is an Automotive Electrical Tech, and Diesel Mechanic and this car has him stumped-

We found that that calibration unit wiring was fried so he unhooked that, but the car was still smoking--

It seems as if maybe the starter went bad, but he thinks that something shorted out and messed up the starter--

Also when they moved the battery, they grounded it to the body by means of the taillight connection-which he thought was wrong, so he moved the battery back up front, and still no luck-

He doesnt have the schematics for the car so he has no reference-


We are both mustang freaks-
He has owned 3 and this is my 6th one--
Had some doosies, but never anything like this!!

The entire car is showroom condition including the motor, but it sure is making me wonder-

By the way I have every receipt ever put into this car-
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Perhaps a previous owner added a computer chip, reprogrammed the computer or it could be going bad. If the owner has removed the computer it could have a shorted wire, bent prong in the connector or maybe the connector is not seated right or a prong or two that has corrosion.

Good luck, it sounds like a tuff set of issues. BTW, the 98 is considered by many as the Cobra that Ford finally got right after issues with the 96-97 models.
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