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Make a CAI???

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Would it be helpful to run some sort of tube or hose from the front valance up to the air intake, to really get cold air? Anyone make a kit like this already?
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I've kind of been turned off by all the CAI I have seen on the market. They restrict the air flow less but they pull their air from under the hood instead of the fender like the factory box. Seems to me they are just increaseing the air flow, filtering the intake less and pulling warmer air, not pulling in colder air.

Putting the intake up front might not be a good idea. I'll leave that discussion to other posters.
Well thats sort of where I was going with putting a hose down at the Valance it would pull in more air AND be cooler.Seems thats what we would want???
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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