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Mass air conversion?? Need the pigtail

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Okay I have the motorsport mass kit conversion kit. Got it dirt cheap. But I need the pigtail that goes from the ECM to the mass air. Any ideas or can I just make one or what? If I can order it I will, but I can't find it anywhere. The ECM has the plug coming out of it kinna looks like a o2 plug so you don't have to slpice into the wires, but he didn't have the plug from the ECM to the mass air. HELP!!
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I have the same dilema, I bought the adapter piece in a deal with a c3w I have the MAF plug with wires for a conversion, I found that a O2 sensor plug will fit by cutting off one of the lugs, I figured the four pins out on the Motorsport plug with a VOM/ My question is does anyone have the instruction for the Motorsport unit. What else do I need to do to complete the conversion? Thanks for any help

This is the instruction sheet you're looking for.
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