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Mass Air Conversion-Parts Needed

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I am in the process of converting my car to Mass Air, and am wondering a couple of things.

1. Should I buy the complete harness off of ebay or the conversion harness
from Interactive Systems and Technologies?

2. Should I buy a computer from an 89 or any year from 89-93?

3. What size MAF Meter will I need. ( I am installing 24lb injectors in my car)

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Buy a harness that is complete, and reasonably priced. Keep in mind that if you need assistance, you could contact the company you buy a new one from. You will not be able to do that with an ebay piece.

Any year computer will do, but most people go with the A9L.

Get a meter that is calibrated to your 24lb injectors, 73mm should work ok.
i have a AL9 computer if you are interested..
pm sent ryeguy20
I used the IST kit, worked fine, good instructions, everything
was there that was needed.

Just make sure you actually look at the plug end of the ecu
plug - the pin #'s are there - tiny, uncolored, hard to read -
but it could save you pulling the wrong ones or putting the
new wires in the wrong holes.
I have a mass air flow sensor housing (stock) but no bracket that I can let go. PM me.
Thanks GhostDog but I already have a stock one, I am looking for a chrome 75mm Pro-M to use with my CAI and for 24lb injectors.

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