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massive antifreeze leak

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hi. i need some help quickly if anyone can. i own a 1995 mustang with a 3.8 v6 and is 323 cubic inches i have a very big problem i cant figure out. if any one can help me id like to hear and resonses
the car curently has the following symptoms:
mass over heating
hoses hot consitanly
too much pressure built up
coolant leak looks like from resivior but its not
might be thermostat, but checked and airs getting in
new mass flow sensor installed
new air filter
water pumps good, internal wheels in good condition
radiatior might be cracked but have checked and ran a hose through it and no aparent leaks anywhere
fan cuts in when car is almost about to cut off and cools untill it sits at 1/4 guage
oil pressure gauge reads over 3/4ths when car is ran
after about 15-20 minutes car cuts off from over heating.

the only other opton i can come up with is a possible manifold gasket but im not sure any one have any other opinions
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its 232 cubic inches.. but anyway.. 95s are known for head gasket issues so you probably have blown a head gasket.. have a compression test done for all of your cylinders.. someone else should chime in with their expert advice.. im no expert just saying what ive seen in the past
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