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One of the biggest collection of Ford vehicles in the world is going up for auction. The Den Hartogh Museum collection has more than 200 Fords and is being split up and sold in a June Bonhams auction .

Piet den Hartogh bought his first Ford in 1956. And then he tried to buy all of them. He tried to get one of every model the company made, starting from a 1903 Model A and going all the way to a 1947 truck.

This is a very vintage collection, with many from the 1900s through 1920s, and nearly all from before World War II.

There are Model As, Bs, Cs, Fs, Ks, Ns, and lots of Ts. Cars, trucks, taxis, convertibles, even snowmobiles. There are Lincolns as well, including a 1923 Coupe and 1940 Zephyr coupe and sedan. There are even a couple of non-fords, like a 1952 Mercedes bus and a DAF truck.

The collection made up the Den Hartogh Museum in The Netherlands since the 1990s. Now it's being sold by the family.

The massive collection of vintage Fords hits the block June 23rd.

[source: Bonhams ]


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