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master mechanics, help me

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has anyone ever heard of converting an auto trannied car to a standard.

Its probably not a big deal in that old 79 firebird drag car, but what about doing it to an 05 mustang?

My gt is an auto, which i dont really like. My dealer stuck me with it, but I figured that I would trade if off in a few years, but now I've seen its potentiol and I want to keep it forever. This 4.6 can go quite a long ways with some building, but I dont want to have a 500hp car with a 5 speed auto that craps out in 4th gear. I'm hoping its possible to put a 6 speed in it without completey destroying the car. I'm hoping that with some work it can be made to look like it came standard, you know... legit...

Ive seen it done but never to a newer car, so if anyone has any info on this i would appreciate it.
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I have no clue about the in's and out's of a tranny swap on the new 05's but I do think that you should give it some time with the auto tranny. Some of the faster 1/4 mile times are being put down in auto's. Flywheels, converters, modified shift points... a lot can be done with the stock tranny. Porbably for a lot less than a swap would cost.
couple of things to consider.
1. The entire pedal group has to be changed.
2. You may have to rework/rewire the harness for a standard
3. The computer harness and or tuning will have to be redone for a manual
4. Driveshaft/engine mount reconfigurations also.
5. Shift linkage/master cyl for clutch

This can be done, but it is a lot of work and expense. You may consider waiting a bit until performance parts come out for the auto. There is enough demand. I know as of now, there is a larger/stronger input shaft for the 5 speed auto, and JDM in NJ has been testing Saleen supercharged cars with 500hp with the auto with very good results. Their tunes really kick A**!! Another more resonalble option is to convert to older 4 speed auto which can take much more abuse and would be cheaper then converting to standard. I drive a standard, but a well done, tricked out auto can really put the hurt on a standard at the drag strip. Sutton HP did this and has a 9 second street car with their 05!!
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Why don't you trade it in on a new 05/06 5 speed? Any money you may/may not lose on the deal will be much less then the cost of the work that would have to be done on your current GT. Not to mention the pain in the ass that job would cause. I know, good luck finding another GT. Just a thought.

Trade in it on another stang with a 5 speed and save yourself alot of hassle and aggrevation...

Dave :sterb:
2005BlackGT said:
has anyone ever heard of converting an auto trannied car to a standard.

this i would appreciate it.
Funny the guy installing S/C on my car wants to swap his manual for an automatic ....(I think for his wife)

If you're interested & he's interested LMK & I will ask him to email you direct.
i cant trade it in for a while though, its complicated.

my main point here is:

are the 05's as easily modifyable as the previous body style

cause i see a lot of 99's - 04's that have engine swaps, 6 speed trannies and all sorts of mouthwatering goodies. I know that the 05 is really kinda new and hasnt been as experimented with as the older ones, but i havent heard of anyone dropping a 5.4 in it or throwing a 6 speed in it.
First, your auto is not your father's slushbox. The 5 speed auto is capable of running right with and sometimes better than the manual. If you reach you goal of 500 HP there are many ways to beef your auto up to handle the additional torque. Are you aware that many of the Pro Racers choose automatics?

Anyway, a solution. Invest in an SCT XCAL 2, After you flash your car you will see an immediate difference in the way your car runs and the transmission shifts. Because now the torque limiter is gone. Read on Young Jedi,
"SCT Tuning can improve your vehicle in many ways. If you have an automatic the shift points can be firmed up at part throttle and WOT(Wide Open Throttle), but not made to be harsh at part throttle. The speed limiter will be removed. The rev limiter will be safely raised several hundred RPMs. The engine fan will be turned on at a lower temp so your engine runs cooler in traffic. Throttle response is greatly improved. If you have your cats deleted the rear O2 sensors can be turned off. The best part is on premium fuel you will see a gain of 10-15 horsepower and 10-15 torque at the wheels. On 87 octane you will still receive all the other benefits but power gains will only be about half as much. On 99+ vehicles the speedometer can be corrected if you have different rear-end gears. Depending on our modifications there are several other ways the tune may increase the performance of your vehicle."
Next, hook yourself up with a good Tuner. He can put your car on the dyno and fine tune it and make the shift points even firmer.
This SCT will cost you less than $400 and the results are priceless!!!
At least give this some thought before you spend $3000 - $4000 changing out a tranny.
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