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Ordered my FRPP springs, shocks and struts from MD Motorsports aka Modular Depot, Apton and something else.

Anyway, ordered on the 2nd of January, processed on the 6th and haven't heard or seen anything from them since. I have called and left messages and used their contact page to message them with no response. They charged my credit card already as well.

Holidays are over, SEMA is over and the PRI show is over, so what gives.

At this point I wouldn't advise anyone using them if this is their level of customer service. When you call the ph # posted on their website all you get is a message saying they are on the phone and will call back.
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mustangaretuff said:
Ordered the full FRPP handleing kit today, Danielle said it shouldn't take too long to get??? I don't care as long as it get here before 1/27/2005. I am supposed to pick the car up that weekend (delivery supposed to be Saturday, very anxious) and want to install the stuff that weekend. I will also keep you guys updated.
t'aint what I was told.....
And it continues....... after speaking with Ken yesterday at MD Motorsports, he said that he was having a hard time getting a'hold of the FRPP guy. So Ken was going to refund my card.

Well......... that was yesterday. Get home today and there are two boxes on my front porch. Yep, shocks/struts and springs.

BTW, there was no name on the shocks or struts to help identify who makes them. But they are blue and gas charged. If I had to guess, I'd say Monroe from the way the ends are finished off but I could be wrong.

Also, they did not elongate the bottom bolt hole for camber adjustment on the strut.
"And it continues...." as a bad thing? or a good thing? I hope good?!?

Again sorry for your probs, I know MD was probably as frustrated as you were... they (obviously) put your order in and then couldn't get a hold of the FRPP guy... He did his job, MD did theirs, you did yours... dunno if they're shipped staright from Ford? There was a delay in addition to the race week, don't know where...

Do it look like the Eibach compoinents but blue?
It came from one of their local Ford dealers. So then the girl from MD calls and says "your stuff arrived yesterday ! ".

I was like .... duh, better communication goes a long way. Apparently THEY didn't even know it had been shipped.

So now I have another kit coming that I am going to have to pay shipping on.

If anyone in the St.Petersburg/Tampa area wants a spring/shock kit at the same price that MD Motorsport is selling them, PM me and I'll get my guy to hold it, otherwise it will be going back.

But make it quick........
Nope THEY didn't know... as they and I said there was no way to get a hold of the guy fwd:ing the orders... Not returning calls e-mails, etc. I guess he came back from the races, was busy with his regular stuff for the company he works for so, MD, and you, got left outside. On a bright point he at least sent out the order...

MD is of course trying to make sure this does not happen again!

I think MD will ship their own FRPP orders in a near future...
On a bright note, nothing but smooth sailing here. My stuff is supposed to be here on Tuesday. Will keep you guys posted, can't install it until the car gets here anyway.

KJ, if things work out I could be in the garage this weekend, got time for some intall?
I'm working Saturday but should be done mid PM... I don't think I have anything Sunday PM either...

Was going to swing by work with that shifter this morning... okay?
I received the entire FRPP kit yesterday. They said it would be in on Tuesday but it actually came in on Monday. A+ MD motorsports, under promised over delivered!

UPS says the wheels and tires will be in Friday, and Ford says the car is supposed to be here this weekend? I believe UPS, but I don't have the same faith in Ford. BUT, if all goes well this weekend could be perfect.

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I know the feeling all too well too... had parts in the garage long before the car was here... this site helps a bit but...
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