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mechanical fan upgrades for 5.0

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after my supercharger was installed it was running a little hot with stock fan shroud and radiator, then i bought a 3 core rad but my fan shroud wont fit so i dont use it. and it stays pretty cool with the stock clutch fan and a 3 core but i think theres a little more to get out of it.

so do those metal aftermarket fans push more air than the stock plastic clutch fan?

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anyone with a aftermarket fan out there
I've had one of those flex fans and they didn't do any better than the stock fan.

What's the matter with the shroud not working with the radiator? Interference somewhere? Unless you changed the fan, it seems you could trim the shroud to get it to fit.

Or is it the radiator doesn't have bolt holes to secure the shroud?
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Electric is the way i went.Black Magic Xtreme electric from flexalite does a super job even with the high temps we are getting this year(even sitting in 45 min traffic due to the auto accidents everywhere lol)
i used a aftermarket fan for about 2 months....went back to the stock set up...stays at 165 degrees year round
the shroud wont fit because it hits the supercharger belt

because of the 3 core radiator
I personally would trim the shroud so the belt wouldn't contact it.
The shroud helps direct the air and it would be cooler with it on. Try to see if you could trim it to fit.
i trimmed it with a grinder and it just barley slides in but works
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