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Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas guys

I hope you all have a pleasant time with your friends and family and I also hope that Santa fulfills all the important stuff on your wish list (supercharger, nitrous system, etc)
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Merry Christmas everyone. :wavey
Same Merry Xmas... hope santa visits you with his new supercharged sled =) and brings you parts and parts of fun =)
Happy Holidays folks. I hope everyone gets the twin screws ( superchargers, get your minds out of the gutter ) NX kits, gears, shifters and exhausts you want.
Yesterday I saw Santa on a Harley. No joke. No parade, no special event, just a guy in full Santa gear (hat, suit, boots, belt, wig, beard, etc.) riding a hog. A couple of other guys in more traditional motorcycle gear were riding with him, but Santa was leading the pack. Guess Rudolph is getting a break this year. Anyway, here's wishing a safe and merry Christmas to everyone.
Santa came in early for me...

Enjoying my new GT, 2 weeks old today.

Merry Christmas to you all!
I'm enjoying my christmas present, I just got my Mustang back from the shop, it was gone 5 weeks and a day! :sterb:
Yesterday I finished my Magnaflow install. Very high quality stuff :). Well I have to work 12 hrs today and tommorow, but I'm getting paid triple time! O well my next day off is Wednesday, I think I'll assemble my new Craftsman workbench and clean the garage. merry Christmas!!
I'm thinkin it's gonna be a 'gear wrench' Christmas! :eyepoppin

Merry Christmas to everyone! :)

Have a great Christmas everyone, I'm hoping for my t-5 to get installed with no problems. Hope you all get what you are dreaming of.

Merry Christmas to all ! Looks like I'll be getting gears soon :smoke: .
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