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Mickey Thompson's Hemis

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Last night I was goin through the new hot rod magazine and I stumbled across a ford Hemi engine built by Mickey Thompson. I read all about it. One of the coolest things I've ever seen. It's been a while since something has caught my attention so quickly and kept it for so long. just wondering if anyone knows any interesting facts they might want to share.
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maybe it was a boss 429, some times they'd call it the twisted hemi.
Interesting enough. but it says in the magazine that it was a 427 FE engine. Can we clear up what FE stands for for me?
FE is Ford-Edsel I believe. I believe some configurations used hemi combustion chambers, they are older engines from the 60's and 70's, maybe even 50's.

The 429 was the only real Ford Hemi as far as I know. Could be wrong, just throwing it out there.
The FE Ford engines are the family of engines that began with the 332 and went through the 352, 390, 427, 428.
The 427 hemi was just one of the many FE performance engines.
No it was a fe in a thunderbolt mickey ran he made hemi heads for it.Here it is Woody's Fairlane Site engine info Mickey Thompson's 427 Ford/Hemi Engine - Hot Rod Magazine
Look at this site for a little history on the 427 - including Ford's hemi-headed SOHC 427.
Ford 427 Cammer Build - Induction And Dyno Testing - Hot Rod Magazine
Mickey Thompson wasn't the only one that made a hemi head - so did For!
The FE engine is the Ford engine family that includes 332,352, 390, 406, 427, and 428.
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