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mid 11's just a start

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well, over the past couple months i have been tuning and going to a couple test and tunes to see what i can get out of the h/c/i swap iv done.. car run's constant 11.7xxx with a best of 11.56 @118mph with 1.5xx 60ft.. 2 problems.. the cars ecu starts to break up past 6100rpm and i think i have a score in one of the cylinder walls because i have a bit of oil on one the the spark plugs.. so i think im gunna do the bottom end now.. 306 is out of the question because my next venture is hopefully gunna be hittin 10's.. my question is, whats the best way to go on the bottom end.. 331? 347? .. the car doesnt se e the road at all, just does 1/4 mile.. i have even thought of doing a 351 block, but im not sure if my heads/cam will be enough.. love to hear some opinions..
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A 347 would definitely get you there. Although a turbo 306 would be fun too :winks
347 for the track would be the way to go. What kind of heads do you have? A nice high comp. setup for N/A would give you a nice power boost.
This is just my opinion..if you ever plan to do a power adder,I would just go 351 if you never plan on doing a power adders stay 306-331-347 based...Turbo is fun
Like most questions on this board it comes down to budget?

Those heads of course will work but will either need to be ported or swapped out for something bigger. Same thing for the intake and injectors.
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