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Mods and warranties

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Okay, now that I've had the GT for 3 weeks, I'm starting to plan the mods. CAI is one of the first, and with that, for the most part, goes a tune. My question is, how does a reflash affect dealer warranty? How 'bout other mods? (not the twin screw blower:eek: , but more common stuff...)
Frankly, I like the thought of them fixing it if I have issues, and I don't want to negate the safety net quite yet. Any experiences? All you ford dealer guys want to give an opinion?

Yeah, because dam fast isn't fast enough, right?:hihi:
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click on the search function damn fast!

Topic has been covered more than your mom. :grinroll:

JK, couldnt pass up that mom joke. but seriously, search
Thanks, bro. i always forget about the search option. Sorry to repost!

Oh, and my mom thanks you! She hasn't been very popular since she lost her fake leg and glass eye!:happyhapp :winks
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