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hi my 05 mustang gt is all stock but i do have a pro charger sc on my stang i was thinking about getting the ford racing manifold is it worth the buy and should get a bigger throttle body or just keep the stock 1 when i get the manifold. i also wanted to get bbk shorty headers if i get all of this i will have to get my car retuned I have the diablo is it worth the buy?
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hp445tq409 stock the throttle body worth getting if so what size?ive seen some 3v sc motors at much hp can it handle?
where i live at there is a diablo dealer and cmr tunes i told the guy i will put on the bolt ons how much to do a custome tune he said he will have to have car for 2days and it going to be $1200 to do the tune damn that's a i need to get a bigger throttle body? there a mustang shop close by but they are a sct dealer they said it will be $800 to tune my car
fine line imports guy name is miles santa rosa ca
dude so u are saying dont buy longtube headers at all i got stock manifold on it right now i dont want to add more u think the frpp manifold is not a good buy
thanks i have the catch can on my motor. I think iam going to get the longtubes but iam thinking iam not going to get the manifold its not worth it if its only to give me 8hp i thought with a sc it would give more hp
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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