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hi my 05 mustang gt is all stock but i do have a pro charger sc on my stang i was thinking about getting the ford racing manifold is it worth the buy and should get a bigger throttle body or just keep the stock 1 when i get the manifold. i also wanted to get bbk shorty headers if i get all of this i will have to get my car retuned I have the diablo is it worth the buy?
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I have never trusted hp numbers. I have witnessed 500 rear wheel on one machine being 400 on another (same car, same boost, no tuning).

I had a Procharger on the 06 before going turbo and taking the car offroad for dragracing only. My car went 10 flat at 135+ on 22lbs idea of hp...just not something we ever talked about. Dynotuning was done for trying to keep the motor whole and car never raced without the tuner datalogging after each run.

As far as people running 500 for years with no problems. First it might not be 500. Second how was the car driven? Racing on the street is entirely different to racing on a prepped surface with sticky tires. Spinning on the street diverts most of the energy away from a car's frame. Not so at the dragtrip. I know a lot more folk blowing up built motors (including me) than stock motors. You know when the track is well all the transmissions and rearends that pop.
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