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hi my 05 mustang gt is all stock but i do have a pro charger sc on my stang i was thinking about getting the ford racing manifold is it worth the buy and should get a bigger throttle body or just keep the stock 1 when i get the manifold. i also wanted to get bbk shorty headers if i get all of this i will have to get my car retuned I have the diablo is it worth the buy?
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TB will require a tune, manifold will require a tune, at least because of the fact that it deletes the IMRC butterflies. Shorty headers would not require a retune.

How much PSI are you running right now and how much HP are you putting down? A TB and manifold would drop the resistance in your intake track, allowing you to flow air into the combustion chamber more easily, however if you are already pushing the limits on your motor you might not want/need to do that.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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