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Description: Get a grip and give your Mustangs interior an aggressive new look at the same time with a Momo Steering Wheel!

On Momo's aggressive race inspired designed steering wheels such as Race, Competition and Monte Carlo, they shed the pedestrian 10 & 2 hand positions for the precision 9 & 3 position preferred by most competition drivers. These wheels are the perfect for SCCA, autocross, road racing, and street/strip applications.

On Momo's classic designed steering wheels, such as the Retro and the Prototipo, you will achieve a muscular old-school muscle car look that hearkens back to the days of massive displacement carbureted motors, malt-shop gatherings, and drive-in movie theater experiences. The Retro is the perfect compliment to the retro styling of the 2005-2009 Mustang.

With all Momo Steering Wheels, you will experience a smaller diameter turning radius delivering fast precision control for more predictable cornering. Luxury top-grain leather and enhanced ergonomics reduce hand fatigue and offer a more natural driving position. One grip and you will see why Momo is both the #1 preferred steering wheel for serious competition drivers from Formula1 to NHRA drag racing, and also the standard choice for OEM steering wheels in luxury and supercars around the world.

momo-race-1.jpg momo-competition-2.jpg momo-retro-3.jpg momo-prototipo-4.jpg momo-tuner-5.jpg momo-monte-carlo-6.jpg
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