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More Power!

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Greetings, GearHeads. :worship

I recently obtained myself an immaculate 5.0. This Foxxy Lady is a 1990 GT HatchBack. I bought her from a private seller who just needed to give this Fox a new home. I have chosen to take her in and feed her the necessary things to increase her strength and get her to what would be her best capability. I would like to list what the seller informed ME about what's under the hood.

1. BBK Chromed Cold Air Intake with Conical Shaped K & N Filter
2. MSD 6AL
3. MSD Coil
4. MSD billet distributor.
5. Blue Motorsport Ignition Wires.
6. Motorsport blue silicone radiator hoses
7. motorsport cam
8. Cobra upper and lower Intake manifold.
9. Hooker headers with flowmaster dumps
10. New heads (I'm not sure what the heads are, but the previous owned said they were purchased outta Jegs)
11. Aluminum Driveshaft.
12. Pro 5.0 Shifter

Hmmm, not bad. Could be better, though.

What are some parts, upgrades, modifications, etc... that I should be looking into for my 'Stang to continue to boost her power?

What are some ways that I can find out what she truly has underneath the hood?

(Mind you, that this is all I currently know about the vehicle. I could ask the Seller a bit more information, but his knowledge was limited as he was the second owner)


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A good set of Gears out back will really wake her up. Rule of thumb for street driver 3.55s for a Stick car, and 3.73s for Automatic.
Guess I must have left that out

She does have 3.73 Gears as a 5-Speed. Is that a significant difference than a 3.55 setting?
Congradulations on your new 5.0, get your tools and wallet ready.

3.73 are good all around gears. I love mine in my mustang. I would try to find out what heads and cam you actually have.

I would upgrade to a 65mm throttle body next. Because you have a cobra manifold, you do not need a matching EGR Spacer.
Well, it really would help if you can find out which heads they are. But thats difficult.
I'd recommend throwing a supercharger on there. It'll probably net you ~420rwhp if you have iron heads with that intake and cam.
The Binford 6100 Supercharger should give "More Power"
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