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Motor Mount Installation?

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2005 mustang v6.

My car shakes bad at idle and while driving, and even worse when A/C is on.

I am too ashamed of picking up girl in my car because of the shake.

I already installed front lower control arm but vibrations are still there.

How hard is it to install motor mounts?

What is the best brand, prothane? I want something that does not cause vibration.

Just unbolt the mounts one side at a time and jack up the engine tiny bit to have clearance to remove bolt and install new mounts???

Can this be done from the top only?

I have shorty headers btw. Thanks !!!!
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Seems to me like you are looking in the wrong place. It sounds like you have a problem in the engine. I would be checking for a bad spark plug, coil, injector, plug wire, burned valve or possibly a bad harmonic balancer.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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