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MSD Ignition won't fire

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New problem now - have a 1967 with a 289. Just installed new intake, carburetor, MSD Distributer (Model number 8479) and MSD control box (6AL).

I can crank on the car all day and it never makes a hint that it might be getting spark to the cylinders. I verified there is fuel flowing to the carb, floats are set, accell pump is working.

I hooked up my timing light both to the #1 plug wire and to the coil to distributor wire, and don't see any flashes when cranking on the car.

I believe I have it wired up correctly

- the Orange and Black leads from the 6AL are running to the + and - on the MSD Blaster 2 Coil (Orange is +)

- the green and violet wires are plugged into the connector on the distributor

-the red wire from the 6AL is wired directly into the back of my ignition switch so it is a switched-key-on 12 V source.

-the heavy red and heavy black wires from the 6AL is connected to the battery terminals.

I did the spark test MSD recommends (remove coil wire, place near ground, short green to violet wires, remove short) and it does spark.

This makes me think my distributor may be having issues sending a trigger signal to the control box....anyone experienced this before? sorry for the long post, thanks for reading. Got frustrated troubleshooting when my voltmeter decided to die out on me mid-check, so gave up for the night...
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Am I reading you correctly that you have spark at coil wire but not at plug wires? If so, then your problem should be cap or rotor, that is if your spark on coil wire is while cranking and not just shorting out wires on coil. Check your cap and rotor and double check your timing.
I'll double check the cap/wires/connectors when I get home tonight.

I was only able to get a spark out of the coil when I disconnected the 6AL from the distributor and attempted to manually trigger it per the MSD troubleshooting guide. If it was connected to the distributor, it wouldn't spark....bad magnetic pickup in the distributor maybe?
Just updating this in case someone comes along with the same issues I had...

Problem was that I disconnected the original coil/ignition circuit, and ran new wire from the ignition switch to the MSD box - but failed to connect into the "I" terminal on the starter solenoid.

The red/green & pink resistor wire running from the ignition only get +12 power when the key is in the "on" position. When you switch to "start", the ignition switch does not provide power. The brown wire on the "I" terminal of the starter solenoid does, and this is what powers the coil during startup. I ended up wiring my MSD box into both the "key on" and to the "I" terminal - car fired right up.

Note if you are running new wires as I did, you are likely bypassing some of the fuses and it would be a good move to put on inline to the MSD box - I believe they claim 1 amp of draw per 1000 rpm, so a 10amp fuse would be adequate overkill. I'll try and do a wire diagram to show how I got it going finally.
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