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Description: This is the distributor that the racers and nostalgic fans have been waiting for! The MSD Pro-Billet FE Distributor equals the performance of the engine itself. The show quality billet housing features two ball bearings to guide a .500" diameter steel shaft. Tig welded to the top of this shaft is a chrome moly advance plate. This is the base for our well known and accurate mechanical advance. It is mounted on top to save you time for adjustments with the supplied springs and stop bushings. A maintenance-free magnetic pickup provides accurate trigger signals to the MSD Ignition Control. The distributor is supplied with an MSD Race Rotor and heavy duty distributor cap.

Pro-Billet for FE Engines 390, 427, 428 - PN 8594

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Keywords: MSD Pro-Billet for FE Engines 390, 427, 428

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