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Mufflers Dumped?

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Hey guys I need some opinions. When I got the car the exhaust system stopped at the flowmaster mufflers. The sound was unbeatable but the exhaust coming into the car was also pretty unbearable. So the kid I bought the car from gave me a set of LX tailpipes, which I bought some turndowns for and hacked off a lil here and there and made into hidden GT tailpipes. Well that completely killed all of my sound. So Im wondering who here just put some turndowns off the mufflers and does that put the exhaust in the airstream enough to get it out from underneath the car. Also where did you buy the dump tips from? Thanks guys!
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Installing dumps after the mufflers makes it significantly louder than not having any tailpipes. I'm getting older and I dont like noise except whenever I punch it. Offroad H pipe, magnaflow mufflers, and stock style GT tailpipes.
My >10 year old cat-back is full of holes, and lets fumes into the car if the windows are open. I believe they're sucked in through the cracks in the floor pan under the outside rear of the driver seat. I too had wondered about dumps while trying to piece together a catback, (fit for a cheapa$$ like me) on the Advance auto parts site.
Most auto part stores sell generic turndowns.
Also thought about an oldschool side exhaust (exit pipes ahead of front wheels), but it's just not practical on an '87-'93 GT. And by the time you add up the proper H-pipe to muffler tubes, decent mufflers, clamps, and maybe tailpipes, it just makes sense to buy a whole catback kit.
I've got it dumpped and I love it. At idle it's so deep. It echos off the ground below and has a totally different effect. I cut the bends off the tail pipes we cut off and welded those on right to back of mufflers. Immediatly turning down after mufflers at almost 90 degree elbows. Hope this helps.
I went from full exhaust to dumps and love the sound, dont care for the smell though. I am thinking of routing mine just over the rear axle and dumping their. You may want to peel your carpet back and seal all the seams in the floor and body to cut down on fumes in the car.
Love my dumps, don't really notice exhaust inside. With a Griggs rear tailpipes are not an option. Had side exit exhaust for awhile loved them also, but had clearance issues, long story and a claim against Enterprise rent-a-car later switched to Magnaflow X w/ Magnapack to dumps. I also cut up a regular out the back kit. Took the pipes that go over the axel cut out 45deg bends and welded them to muffs with a 45deg turn towards the sides of the car. It is louder, but in a good way.:eyepoppin Don't worry about tips for reasons of vanity if it's under the car, if you dump it know one is going to see it anyway.
Thanks for all of the replies guys! I know it will sound great, when I got the car it just stopped at the mufflers, that bend above the axle in the tailpipes completely kills the sound now. Right now the car has headers, an off road H pipe and flowmasters. With no tailpipes I didnt notice any exhaust smell in the car with the windows up, only with the windows open. I think im gonna head down to advance this weekend and get some turndowns for the mufflers. Thanks again guys!
mmm i love the smell of raw american power.
my exhaust is leakin on me somewhere too. addin some new headers this winter, so ill fix the problem soon enough.
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