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Mustang 2009 Ordering Options Questions

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Hey everyone,

I am planning to order a Mustang GT 2k9. I've set up a few features at Ford's configurator for the 2009 model.
But with some options I have some understanding/imagination problems:

1. what is the difference between racing stripe and tape stripe ? Is the tape stripe the one placed on the sides ? The racing stripe must be the one drawn over the top, but is it "all over" (covering front and rear bumpers) or does it start at the hood and ends at the trunk ?

2. Are stripes generally applicable, independent of any other options ? The configuratior seems to remove stripes at several options (dark charcoal seats, gt appearance package)

3. What does "NaN" mean in the pricing list - not available for this model in this configuration or already included ?

I hope someone can solve some questions (or all ?).

All the best
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The racing stripes goes from the hood to and ends at the top of the trunk lid by the third brake light. The Tape Stripe is the one that is on the side of the car.

If the tape stripes or the racing stripes get deleted with an option that you want you can always add them later from a variety of other venders. I like the Ford Racing stripes the best but that is my opinion.

I know that you are in Germany so finding someone that ships tape stripes to you may be a little bit more difficult.

Good Luck.:bigthumbsup
Thanks. I am sure, there are a few tuning companies, using vinyl stripes, but i prefer the painted ones I think ;)

Does the type of stripes used at the Shelby's GT350 and GT500 has a special name ('cause its going from the bottom most front bumper lip over the top to the licence plate) ?

I am really excited and even haven't ordered mine... I hope my bank gives me some money for one, so I keep thinking positive and - thumbs up - everythings gonna be alright *big grin*

I think that they are just called racing stripes or LeMans stripes. I prefer the ones that are painted one as well but they cost more money.
Hmm. LeMans, that sounds fine. Or simply GT.

Tomorrow at 9AM i have an appointment with my bank. I am so excited :)

Thanks for discussion.
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