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Mustang 5 speed automatic

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my silver 2006 gt kicks ass but its an automatic...i wanted to try the 5 speed auto since motor trend says its as fast as a manual...any punchers out there experiment yet on which gear is the launch gear?
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i jsut use brake tourque. hold the brake till about 2000 rpms and floor it, it work out great for me!
I heard that there are problems with the Manuals Transmisions.

i had a 2000 and 2003 with the same manual trans but i had no problems with it...
But I wonder whyyyy the 2005s and 2006s are having problems?
I am happy with my 2006 stang gt with Automatic...But when you are in Drive and everything off it still takes about 2 seconds before the trans really kicks in.Unless i should start in first and then second and so on????:dunce: ...JohnnyT
throttle lag

I'm no expert but it sounds like what you are talking about is throttle lag:sosad:

Its been very irritating for me, and I can't wait to put in CAI and tune and get rid of it - i hope. My neighbor drove it and says there is no, or maybe .5 sec throttle delay. I disagree i think its 1-2 secs delay from when i slam the gas, and they throttle really opens up.

Maybe im going crazy
I have a 2005 V6 auto and it had the same lag in 1st gear. Really annoying when you want to be quick off the line without brake-torque launching. I got the Superchips microtuner ( and tuned it so the problem is gone now. It raised the rev limiter and speed limiter too. It works on the V8 as well.
Buy yourself a Predator tuner - bump the shift points up to +20 mph, stick it in drive, power brake to 1500 rpm and let her rip. Shifts hard and quick right in the sweet spot of the power band.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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