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mustang dyno vs. dyno jet?

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just as the tag lines say's, what is the difference in nubers between the two? i had my 2007 v6 lay down 350rwhp and 355rwtq on a dyno jet. i just had it retuned on a mustang dyno and swapped software from the diablo sport to the sct. it laid down 325rwhp and 305rwtq. is this right? i feel that i have actually lost some power according to the numbers. i have not picked it up from the place yet but they told me that if it were on a dyno jet it would have put down about 375hp and comperable tq. is this true? i need help. i pick it up monday and i would like to know if they are full of it and gave me a weak tune, or are they correct and i will be very happy? please help, thanx guys.
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It's usually around 5% difference. A mustang dyno will always read lower than a dyno jet unless you put it on a dyno jet that can be loaded like a mustang dyno. My car put down 463rwhp and my tuner even said it would be around mid 480's if it was on a dyno jet. If your tuning and want to keep track of what mods adds what power, it's best to stick to the same dyno/shop. Also dyno jet to dyno jet or mustang dyno to mustang dyno will read different.

oh and if they said you put down 325rwhp on the mustang dyno and it would have been 375rwhp on a dyno jet, they are idiots and i wouldn't use them anymore.
So if I read this right. I put down 407rwhp on a Mustang Dyno
So on a Dyno Jet I would put down 435 or better? :confused:

NS :cooldude:
yes, it should put down more on a non load dyno jet. probably around 425 to 430 though.
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