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Mustang Familys , ?

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Does anybody on here have like family that has nothing but mustangs?

I have a lighty modded 2001 Mustang Gt,
Uncle has a lightly modded 1995 Mustang 5.0
Other Uncle has a Heavily Modded 2001 Cobra
And other Uncle just bought a Stock 2003 Terminator,

Im trying to get my other siblings to get into mustangs to make it one big happy mustang family Haha,


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This should be in the Lounge section to get more responses, but nonetheless....

I have an 02 GT, my mom has a 99 GT vert, my sister used to have an older 80's stang, one cousin used to have a New Edge v6, another cousin used to have a New Edge GT and now has a 97 Cobra. Oh and my best friend has an 04 Mach 1. That's all I can think of :laugh:
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Ahhh thats cool man, !
Too bad my mom doesnt drive a Gt vert Haha,
Forgot to mention my other uncle has a 96 v6 but it just sits
I had a 98 v6, then bought my 02 gt, My brother just bought a 2012 mustang. It'll work its way around my other brother too :bigthumbsup
Our kids are all grown with their own families. I'm not even sure what any of them drive. Anyway, just my wife and I now, and this is what my garage contains.


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My father has a 68 GT 390-4 speed lime metallic and I have my 2004 GT.

We are however a Ford only Family... with the following daily drivers/ work trucks:
2011 Fusion
2006 Taurus
1995 F150 (240k on the clock and it still tows my boat no problem with the 5.0)
1998 CV PI
2005 Focus 4 Door

Oh yeah.
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My step dad has a 66 coupe with a 302, i have an 88 5.0 Gt, my mom has a fully loaded 2010 v6, my girlfriend is soon to have a 2000-09 v6 or gt, her brother has an 02 v6, and her sister has a 03 v6 pony package. Step dads going to buy a 2011 5.0 soon :bigthumbsup The coolest thing is between my step dads, mine, and my moms mustang, they are each 22 years apart lol 66 to 88 to 2010
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I have a modded 2001 GT, my wife has a stock 2005 v6 and I have a 2012 5.0 on order.

My Dad also drives a stock 2001 GT.

We are a happy Mustang Family! :bigthumbsup
Pss I wish lol that would be hella cool.:bigthumbsup

Now if only my GT and Mach 1 could have babies:shigrin haha:laugh:
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