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Mustang GT 5.0 2022 (EU) - Powertrain Malfunction

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Hello everyone!
I recently got delivered my 2022 Mustang GT M/T on the 27/07/22.

last Saturday was going on a cruise, after waiting for the engine block to get to temperature, I was coming out of my garage rolling down the hill on neutral when suddenly all the dash started to give me all these disabling messages such as active exhaust disabled and so on. Then, the final message was (Powertrain Malfunction/Reduced Power) see manual.

I Instantly switched off the car and switched it back on when the dash only displayed the wrench symbol. But sounded and felt like it was in some type of limp mode as it was on not all eight cylinders and no acceleration what so ever.

I drove back to the garage approx 1KM and turned it off, after 10 minutes I switched it back on and the dashboard was back to normal with no symbols or messages and the car back to its normal noise and power.

Now, sadly after this dilemma only after 7 days of owning my brand new dream car. The car developed the all famous typewriter ticking noise on idle and below 3000rpm.

I took it to the dealership, note thet it had only been 8 days since the car was delivered to me by them. So they told me that even though in the FordPass app it shows the notification of the malfunction on porwertrain, as it is no longer showing on the vehicles dashboard it can not be checked and that the ticking noise is normal.

I have a close friend of mine who has the same spec as mine from 2021 antimatter blue also M/T with 6000kms+ and he has had none of these issues not even the ticking noise and mine only has 840kms!

Can anyone please help?
I also have the Ford extended warranty package but I don’t know how to go about it as they have already said its “normal”.
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Try a different gas station and higher octane. Also I would try another dealer if changing fuel does not help. This does not sound right my 2015 GT 6 speed manual had a little valve rattle under low speed high torque but only with 87 octane. Funny thing is it will run well on 87 from some stations but not others. Owners manual says use 87. +1 on what JBERT said document everything or it did not happen.
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