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Mustang GT Rebuild Questions!

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A couple months ago I threw a rod in my Vortech Supercharged Mustang GT. Everything on my car was stock except for the forged pistons, Vortech S/C at 8psi, 38 pound injectors, and an after market clutch (brand name unknown). I am going to be rebuilding it over the winter, however, I am very new to the whole building motors thing and I was wondering if any of you could help me. I want to make between 5-600+rwhp on my new setup, and as ne1 would, I want to spend the least amount possible. My current funds would allow for a project between $2-3,500. Here is a list of the current parts I am looking for.

- 4.6L SOHC Windsor Bare Block.
- Forged Steel Crankshaft (preferably one that will fit a 6 bolt flywheel.)
- Camshafts
- Valves and all the little pieces that go with that stuff ( I need a lot of help here in knowing wat to go with.)
- Rods
- Stainless Steel Shorty Headers
- Manly dished pistons 9:1 Compression ratio
- 75mm Throttle body + Plenum
- 255lph Fuel Pump

Really all I want to know is what are the best/cheapest places to go to order parts like these? And are there any parts I should look into getting besides what I have listed? Safety and longevity of the motor will mean more to me than performance, so if there's ne suggestions you guys could give to keep my motor from blowing up again on 500+hp please let me know.
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All forged cranks are 8 bolt. I highly suggest you contact,, or and talk to them about your needs.
Assuming that the "Rods" in your list means some quality forged pieces, not the stock ones?
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