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Mustang HP vs Other Vehicles

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Before I start the topic I do want to say that I am very pleased with the performance of my 05 V6. And from reading this forum I am sure the GT is awesome. Plus there is no way I would trade my Mustang for anything else.

Okay that said, let me ask - Did it seem like on Sunday's coverage of the International Auto Show that everything that was around 4.0 and 4.6 had more HP than the Mustang? Did Ford mess up by not making the engines just a little more powerful? I think they did. It doesn't seem right to have such a good looking car that reminds everyone of the Muscle Car Days that might can be outran by a soccer mom in a minivan or SUV.
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Mustang HP

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, for I love my Stang (I have the GT), but I have to agree, if the Mustang i shy or lacking anything, it is horse power and options. Like I said, I have a GT Vert, and I paid (with all options, wheels and such) about $40K for it. Strangely it seems to be low on options at that price. I have thought for that price it could have things that are already in Ford's parts bin, such as heated seats, heated mirrors, telescopic steering, electronic dimming mirror, automatic headlights, digital climate control and maybe offer a DVD/NAV system (instead of the Shaker 1000), all of this options are are on Ford that cost less (like the new Fusion). I also thought it could have a bit more horses under the hood. I agree it should have at least had 350 HP, I mean the Nissan Z car (V6) has 287 HP and that is only a 3.5L. The GTO came out with 350 and was bumped up to 400. The Charger/330C/Magnum has 340 with an option to get 410. If the Challenger and/or Camaro come out, they are expected to put out 400+ each. Heck, even the overweight SSR has 390, so yeah, Ford could have made it a bit more horse power. But what is really bad, I just bought a 2006 Ford Fusion (yes, a FORD) with a 3.0L V6 that puts out 221 HP :eyebulge: as my daily driver. So my little 3.0 V6 is quicker than the Mustang's 4.0L V6, and it has all the options I mentioned above (except the NAV) for far less than I paid for my Stang, so go figure. :sterb:
Love my Stang

Have no worries, I love my Stang GT. It is all around a thing of beauty. As for the the other guys, well, I once was a Chevy lover, but Chevy has not put out anything worthwhile in a long time. Had the new proposed Camaro come out a few years ago, who knows, I may have stayed a Chevy fan, but the Mustang is here and now, I love the fact all the other guys are playing catch up. Yes, I seriusly considered the GTO, for it is fast and comfortable, but it does not come in a Vert. and it is a tad bit plain looking for me. Heck, when I bought my Fusion, I seriously considered buying a Mustang V6 as my daily driver (in it was the California Edition) but practicality won over damn cool looks x2 (since I already have a GT Vert). Yeah, I would have liked a bit more horsepower and a few more options, but if I were to do it again, in a New York minute I would do it again. :eyepoppin

dtwwest said:
I totally agree with you about the Mustang and I think I didn't do a good job starting this thread. I was a absolute car nut back in the 60s and could tell you who made what and with what options, etc. Also had a couple of pretty fast ones myself. Over the years all cars started to be the same to me other than cost and creature features. Watching the International Auto Show I was amazed to see the HP being produced in other cars and thought why didn't Ford put more HP in the Mustang. Guess I slipped back in time to the HP is everything mentality.

Want to add that the first time I saw the new Mustang was December 2005 at a dealership. I was floored by how great it looked and how it reminded me of the 60s. I could not stop talking about it to my wife and told her I had not had such excited feeling about a car since I was a teenager. So what did she do, bought the one I liked most on the lot without me knowing a thing about it and gave it to me for Christmas.

To end this thread, I hope, YES I LOVE MY MUSTANG !
Sounds like you have a keeper for a wife!!!!! :winks Damn you are a lucky man to have wife who appreciates fine automobiles, then buys it for you. Have Mercy!!
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