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I have a '53 Chev 3100 pickup that has actual FMCO M2 front suspension under it. I say it's from a donor because I don't know of any kit that comes with the skinny lower control arm, and the rearward facing strut rod.

My goal is to improve the handling of this 3300 lb truck. I have an anti-sway bar ready to install, and I bought new rubber biscuits for the rear facing strut rod.. (mono tube shocks are also on the list)

Here's the question; How tight am I supposed to squeeze these rubber buscuits? I'm also guessing that an alignment might be a good idea after I replace these, unless I'm able to put them back in the exact same spot..

I'd love to hear any information y'all can give me about the suspenders I have under my little pickup.

Thanks in advance!
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